Oaxaca, Mexico

Brody International

Oaxaca, Mexico

Josh and Emily Merchant are educators who run a small school in Oaxaca, Mexico. Emily serves as Principal of the school, and Josh teaches Physical Education in addition to maintaining the school property.

Brody International was given the opportunity to build a home for the Merchant family. By relieving the financial and logistical burden, the Merchant’s are able to focus more of their time, energy, and finances on bettering the lives of the people in their community through their school. 

Visit https://www.wycliffe.org/partner/24DEEB to read more about Josh and Emily!

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Brody International is a non-profit organization that uses their gift of construction to serve communities in need. Founded by Tyson Steward and Andrew Klein of Dynamic Trades Inc. Brody International combines an expertise in construction and project management with a love for serving others.