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During the past forty years, Iberoamerican Ministries has been actively involved in planting churches in South America. This work has been very effective and over twenty churches have been started in Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. We are now reaching into new countries with churches being planted in Paraguay and Colombia. Our focus is to share the gospel in meaningful ways while at the same time being a blessing to the middle- and lower-income communities that we are working in by offering services such as after-school activities, sports, food programs, and educational projects. 

The challenge we are currently facing is the urgent need to restore several of our older buildings so we can continue serving our neighbors well. Specifically, we have four buildings in Chile and one building in Peru that need their roofs replaced. Without this maintenance, they will continue to leak and damage both the structures and the equipment they house. 

Our approach is one that we’ve employed with previous successful projects: fundraising and enlisting volunteers will be done in conjunction with the local churches. The cost, difficulty, and danger of the work makes it a necessity to partner with outside help in order to accomplish these goals before the next rainy season.   

We want to ultimately raise $100,000 which will allow us to come alongside these churches and help with materials and labor, supplementing the amount they raise as a church as well as the volunteer base they have available.

We have just begun this campaign and have $16,000 and two teams committed to help with the projects early next year, during our summer months.

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Brody International is a non-profit organization that uses their gift of construction to serve communities in need. Founded by Tyson Steward and Andrew Klein of Dynamic Trades Inc. Brody International combines an expertise in construction and project management with a love for serving others.